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Field Care & Field Dressing

Skinning out your trophy is best left to the taxidermist. Damage to the eyes, ears and nose can be costly to repair. Some damage may not be repairable. The ears have to be turned inside out and the lips have to be split to take a quality tanning job.


Add a hand-full of salt inside of turned ears. Keep out of the sun. Lay cape on floor or ground when salting a cape, stretch cape across width of cape. Start behind ears and work towards brisket, pulling with both hands. This will give the largest neck size. Salt cape completely, with special attention to around the eyes , ears, and lips. Don't skimp on salt. Go all the way out to the edges. Leave salt on for 24 hours then re-salt. If you cannot re-salt after 24 to 48 hours, roll up cape and take to the taxidermist. (Do not freeze a salted cape)

Do's & Don'ts

Do get your mount to the taxidermist ASAP. Do have all the proper licenses and permits . Don't leave your trophy for tomorrow. Don't put in plastic bag before freezing or salting. Don't cut the throat to bleed it out.

Road Kill Animals

Road Kill animal can only be mounted with proper DNR permits. Most road kill animal do not make quality mounts. Damage may not be visible or show until the skin is tanned. For information on road kill permits contact your local MDNR office.

Re-mounts & Repairs

Mounts (such as deer heads) can be re-mounted by using a new cape and the old horns. Sometimes mounts may just need some repairs. With any mounts the taxidermist will need to look at the mount first. You may send pictures if you don 't live close by.


Wrap fish in a wet towel, making sure that the fins are laying flat against the fish. Wrap fish in plastic bag or aluminum foil and freeze if you cannot get it to the taxidermist right away. If you want to ship it to us you can freeze it solid and then ship.

Ship the fish with next day or 2nd day service if at all possible so that we receive it as quickly as possible. Make sure you include your name and address along with any special instructions such as the type of mount you would prefer.