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Guntzviller's Taxidermy

Guntzviller's Taxidermy offers professional, high quality taxidermy services to preserve your hunting or fishing memories for a lifetime. Taught by his father, Marvin, who started the business in 1928, Voss has continued to develop his skills as a taxidermist throughout his lifetime. His love of the out of doors and wildlife is displayed through the unique, life-like mounts that he creates. 

Whether you're mounting your hunting trophy from out west, or your whitetail deer from Northern Michigan, Guntzviller's will work with you to create the perfect mount to display in your home, cabin or business. Moose, Deer, Elk or Caribou mounts. Bear skin or coyote rugs. Fish mounts. Life-sized deer, coyote, fox, or squirrels. Visit our shop to see the variety of options for your next taxidermy project. Or give us a call at 231.264.5597.

Guntzviller's always has a wide variety of mounts for sale

We will take your mounts for sale on consignment for a 30% commission. Rustic Designers, Log Home Decorators, Interior Decorators, Restaurants, and museums - we can supply the wildlife displays that you are looking for. Large or small quantities available.

Proper field dressing of your animal is key to creating a beautiful mount later.